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FAITH.&INFINITY. Amulet (50 mm)

237,500 AMD

  • This multifunctional handmade amulet is made with love and God’s blessing. Each symbol engraved on the amulet has a special meaning.
  • The oval shape of the amulet symbolizes renaissance and the birth of a new life.
  • Cross – symbolizes the atoning sacrifice and the infinity of human life.
  • The prayer “Our Father” is engraved in the Armenian language, as Armenia is the first Christian country in the world.
  • The infinity symbol is engraved in seven languages and symbolizes the infinity of the soul.
  • The tree of life means the beginning of a new life. Each new birth is the sprout of a new tree.
  • The pomegranate symbolizes fertility and good luck
  • The grapes are a symbol of spiritual life and rebirth.
  • Made with heart, served with love.

Attention!!! The products are handmade and limited. Author and producer, Jilo.

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